Redpine offers high performance and low cost chipsets for 802.11abgn Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 4.0, and Zigbee. These chipsets incorporate a proprietary ultra low power multi-threaded layer-2 processor for efficient protocol handling, high performance MAC and Baseband, and advanced CMOS dual-band RF and PA. Redpine’s chipset solutions are ideal for cost efficient, high volume applications offering systems developers wireless high performance and ultra low power wireless connectivity.

The RS9110 Lite-Fi™ chipset incorporates a proprietary ultra low power multi-threaded layer-2 processor that not only provides a unique degree of protocol handling within the silicon but also provides a power-efficient offload of some critical layer-3 functionality. Combined with Redpine’s CMOS 2.4/5 GHz RF and PA, the chipset delivers a cost effective dual band Wi-Fi solution The RS9110’s multi-threaded processor exploits the inherent characteristics of layer-2 MAC protocol characteristics to reduce power and code size. In addition, the Lite-Fi™ family of devices incorporates hardware assists for layer-3 tasks, such as TCP checksum and security processing, including AES, 3DES, SHA-1 and RNG. The results are further reductions in power dissipation and host processor overhead for fixed mobile convergence applications. The RS9110 Lite-Fi device incorporates advanced power management circuitry along with an integrated & fully calibrated 32 kHz oscillator.