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New technological innovations are driving the automotive industry to embrace the power of high-speed wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence bringing in sophisticated software and services to the vehicle.

At Redpine Signals, we create smarter, more efficient & secure multi-protocol wireless systems for automotives by leveraging the latest technologies for enhancing the driving experience and providing a safe driving environment. Redpine Signals provides auto-grade wireless solutions which serve as a perfect connectivity platform for the connected car, backed by cloud platforms for remote management & control.

  • Multi-protocol wireless with 802.11p, 802.11n, BT and 802.15.4
  • Availability of V2X solutions with 802.11p
  • Compliance with PPAP Level 3
  • Higher level of security including PUF
  • Higher reliability and long-term availability of parts
  • Cloud ready modules
  • Certified modules with or without antenna for faster integration

Build Powerful Automotive Solutions

Vehicle Telematics

Redpine Signals helps to design the finest solutions to tackle vehicles' telematic challenges for IoT based integrations, enabling vehicles to receive and transmit useful information and utilize big data generated from vehicles for better traffic management and prevention of accidents. We also help to make driving a delightful experience by integrating information and entertainment with Internet of Things.

Vehicle Diagnosis

We convert the predictive diagnosis into a very realistic system with solutions to build a variety of products that can be used for monitoring of the serviceable status of the vehicle showing the condition of just about every part of the vehicle, from tire pressure to when a door is left open.

Connected Vehicles

Our ground breaking products are designed to deliver connected vehicle solutions for connecting vehicles to roadside infrastructure (Vehicle 2 Infrastructure or V2I), to each other (Vehicle 2 Vehicle or V2V) or to Smart Phone (Vehicle to Phone or V2P). Our products help to meet needs of future mobility and security by leveraging superior technologies to prepare the driver for the road ahead and do it in real time.

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