Renesas Starter Kits

Wi-Fi Expansion Boards for Cypress PSoC 3 / PSoC 5 Kits

Redpine's Wi-Fi add-on cards for PSoC kits allow users to easily add future-proof, ultra-low power 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity to applications based on the PSoC 3 / PSoC 5 MCUs from Cypress.

There are two variants of these Wi-Fi add-on cards. One is based on Connect-io-n™ family and the other is based on WiSeConnect™ family of advanced Wi-Fi modules. They are highly integrated IEEE 802.11bgn complaint modules that directly provides a wireless interface to any equipment with a UART or SPI interface for data transfer. These cards are available in the form of kits that are bundled with complete documentation and software source code. WiSeConnect EBK is available with M2M and Embedded Wi-Fi demo applications.

Cypress Kit Description

Cypress Starter Kits are the latest development from Cypress in low-cost evaluation and development toolkits. They serve as user-friendly basic development platforms as well as introductory and evaluation platforms for assessing the suitability of a chosen Cypress MCU. The boards also provide a useful platform for evaluating Cypress development tools to configure the perfect device, develop application code, then build, debug and deploy an embedded design using the PSoC Creator, as well as programming the device using PSoC Programmer or onboard programmer.

Wi-Fi Starter Kit Selection Guide

Starter Kit Part Cypress MCU Redpine Module
Wi-Fi with CY8CKIT-001 RS-CY8C001-220X PSoC 3/ PSoC 5 RS9110-N-11-22
Wi-Fi with CY8CKIT-050 for M2M RS-CY8C050-201X PSoC 5 RS-WC-201
Wi-Fi with CY8CKIT-050 RS-CY8C050-201X PSoC 5 RS-WC-201