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Smart Grid Communications

WinergyNet™: Wireless Communications architecture for the Smart grid

Redpine’s WinergyNet™ enables seamless connectivity across the Home Area Network (HAN), Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) and Back haul Wide Area Network (WAN). This architecture leverages the ubiquitous Wi-Fi technology with industry-proven security, wide-spread infrastructure and IP based communication protocols.

The HAN comprises Smart-energy Wi-Fi devices like Meters (electricity, water, gas), Home Appliances (thermostats, dish-washer, etc.,), in-home wireless display and existing Wi-Fi enabled home-area devices (mobile, laptops,etc.). Redpine’s Smart-Energy Wi-Fi Communications Module (RS-SE-201), Secure Circuit Breaker System (RS-SE-501) and Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi Communication modules for Mobile and Laptops (RS-9110-N-01/02/03) enable a Wi-Fi based HAN for Smart Energy Management.

The NAN comprises AMI Home Gateways (neighborhood networking meter) and the Neighborhood-WiFi Network. Redpine’s Advanced Metering Gateway Systems (RS-SE-301) is equipped with high transmit power Wi-Fi modules with 802.11s Mesh Networking and enable a direct link from the home AMI gateway to peer nodes. Redpine’s Low-Power Metering and Communications Module (RS-SE-401) provides high transmit power and more than 10 year battery life.

Redpine’s Long-Range Simultaneous Dual-band Wi-Fi Module (RS-SE-601) enables point-to-point back-haul communication links which use directional antennas and high power transmitters to cover the large communication distances required for the Smart Grid WAN.

WinergyNet™ architecture with Redpine’s wireless solutions is depicted below: