Serial to Wi-Fi Interface

The proliferation of the Internet and recent networking technologies has changed the way the business is managed. There are billions of the devices used in POS terminals, inventory management, facilities and security management etc, which are not network-capable and therefore restrained from being accessed or controlled over the network. With the advent of machine-to-machine technologies coupled with WiFi, these devices can be made network capable, monitored and controlled wirelessly from any where in the world. The RS9110-N-11-22 has got full network suite including TCP/IP stack, application protocols like FTP, Web server etc, along with 802.11bgn drivers and 802.1x supplicant embedded into its dual-threaded ThreaArch™ processor. Thus, it eases integration and provides a cost effective low power Serial-to-WiFi solution to any device, which has UART or SPI interface.

Applications- Wireless Sensor Node