Voice Over Wi-FiPhone

A VoWiFi handset is a WiFi based VoIP phone, in which voice is transmitted over a Internet Protocol (IP) based network instead of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). As WiFi has become ubiquitous, VoWiFi phones are offering secure, cheaper, scalable and mobile voice services in virtually all home and enterprise deployments. But handset manufacturers of VoWiFi are faced with some of the design challenges from power save, jitter, security and roaming front, for providing the maximum battery lifetime and high quality voice services. Redpine's RS9110-N-11-41 reference design is equipped with WMM-PS support along with proprietary power save techniques, WMM for prioritization of the voice packets, WPA/WPA2 for advanced enterprise security, and proprietary and standard-based roaming techniques for transparent handover while roaming. Thus it perfectly fits-the-bill for OEMs, as it addresses all of the VoWiFi challenges.

Applications- Mobile Phone