Voice Over Wi-FiPhone

A VoWiFi handset is a Wi-Fi based VoIP phone and offers secure, low-cost, scalable and mobile voice services in virtually all home and enterprise deployments. VoWiFi handset manufacturers, however, are faced the design challenges of power consumption, jitter, latency, packet drop, security and roaming, for providing the maximum battery lifetime and high quality voice services.
The Dual band RS9110 & RS9113 modules from Redpine can operate in the 2.4 or 5 GHz band, with the 5 GHz band being the preferred one for better quality of service in crowded wireless environments. These modules are also equipped with WMM-PS support along with fine-grained internal power save techniques, WMM for prioritization of the voice packets, WPA/WPA2 for advanced enterprise security, and proprietary and standards-based roaming techniques for transparent handover while roaming between AP’s.

Suggested Redpine Wi-Fi modules:

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