Redpine's solutions for healthcare applications address the need for better patient care as well as efficient administration of patient care. Redpine's RTLS products help track and monitor patients using a combination of technologies including Wi-Fi and provide alarm signaling and notification. They also track assets, allowing risk-free portability of equipment. They locate doctors and healthcare provides, enabling superior response to emergencies. The RTLS tags also help ensure adherence to safety and sanitization procedures.


Locating packages and material during shipment and storage is a key requirement for efficiency in logistics. Redpine's asset tags with tamper detection provide locationing through multiple technologies including Wi-Fi®, BT-LE, and Infrared and can be deployed in Wi-Fi enabled as well as Greenfield areas. Redpine offers a complete solution including tags, configurators, and locationing infrastructure for universal deployment.


Redpine's RTLS tags offer retailers valuable information on traffic to various aisles and product areas. The tags can be attached to shopping carts, enabling retailers to monitor their movement. Tags with displays on them would be able to instantly show product and sales offer information pushed to them when shoppers walk past the area. The tags also offer tamper and theft protection to retail outlets.