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Kit Contents

  • 1.Wi-Fi Tower Card TWR-WIFI-RS2101
  • 2 TWR-WIFI-RS2101 Users Manual
  • 3 TWR-WIFI-RS2101 Quick Start Guide

Redpine Signals Wi-Fi for Freescale Tower System

Companion Card

The Freescale Tower Card TWR-WIFI-RS2101 facilitates fast development of Wi-Fi enabled systems on the popular Freescale Tower System. TWR-WIFI-RS2101 comes embedded with Redpine Signals Wi-Fi module RS9110-N-11-21, featuring embedded firmware to provide a self-contained 802.11n WLAN solution for a variety of applications. This peripheral module is designed to be combined and used with other microcontroller and peripheral modules in the Tower System. The Freescale Tower System comes with pluggable peripherals, a choice of Freescale microcontrollers, strong development tools and software support to make it an ideal platform for rapid system development for a variety of embedded applications. For more information on the Freescale Tower System, click here.

For more details on the Wi-Fi Tower Peripheral card, click here.

TWR-WIFI-RS2101 Features

  • Compliant to 802.11b/g and single stream 802.11n
  • Supports all Wi-Fi client security protocols (WEP, WPA and WPA2)
  • Reference design certified for FCC/IC/CE
  • RoHS compliant
  • Does not require any WLAN driver on the host processor
  • Supports SPI and UART interfaces
  • Terminates SLIP connections and offers transparent serialmodem functionality
  • Integrated antenna, frequency reference and low-frequency clock
  • Ultra-low-power operation with power save modes
  • Ad-hoc and infrastructure modes for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Comprehensive module documentation for design ease
  • Single supply 3.1 to 3.6V operation

Connect-io-n Module RS9110-N-11-21-01

Companion Card The RS9110-N-11-21-01 module from Redpine's Connect-io-n family of products is a IEEE 802.11bgn compliant serial-to-Wi-Fi device with a standard serial or SPI interface to a host processor or data source. It integrates a MAC, Baseband processor, RF transceiver with power amplifier, a frequency reference, an antenna, and all WLAN protocol and configuration functionality in embedded firmware to provide a self-contained 802.11n WLAN solution for a variety of applications. No WLAN driver functionality is required on the host processor. Based on the Redpine Signals RS9110 SoC which includes an embedded processor, it is designed to provide standards compliant wireless connectivity to devices and systems that have a serial port and implement a TCP/IP stack.


Tower Platform with Redpine Signals Wi-Fi

Companion Card