Mobile and Networking

Mobile and Networking


Mobile market segment have devices that need to be “Always Connected” using state of art Ultra Low Power Wireless technologies. The current Mobile market is dominated by Smart phones, Tablets and Wearable. The Laptops, Chrome books, Mac books form Mobile computing market space. Redpine Signals provides SmartCombo™ Family of Chips to meet the requirements of this market segment.

Wireless connectivity technologies in the mobile and computing segments are converging. Mobile devices like Smart phones and Tablets need higher performance along with the lower power to enable videos, games, and enterprise and cloud applications. Computing devices like laptops, Chrome books need lower power as these devices are become thinner and more mobile, to save battery life. The Wi-Fi chipsets built into these devices needs to sustain high bandwidth and high Quality of Service (QoS). The 2.4 GHz spectrum is shared by Wi-Fi, BT and other technologies. This spectrum is further degraded by less number of channels and emerging markets like Home Automation, Smart Grid and Internet of Things. Thus the need arises for high QoS 5 GHz information gateway.

The challenges to Wireless technologies are created by the current day Applications and Services.

Media and Entertainment Services like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. This traffic is compounded by standards such as UltraHD and HD 1080p streaming. The mobile and computing devices must be able to not only play these videos, but at the same time wirelessly project on a big screen HDTV.

Cloud based platforms like Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VmWare Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) consume larger bandwidth. The mobile and computing devices must be able to access the data in a seamless manner using wireless technologies.

Gaming and Social Media like online multiplayer gaming will concurrently use high Quality of Service (QoS), high bandwidth connection from mobile and computing devices to home entertainment system. The Social networks and media market space spearheaded by likes of FaceBook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google are creating the need for accessing real time updates to gather business intelligence. The sharing of personal media content photos and videos through these social platforms need huge bandwidth coupled with instant access of data.

Redpine Signals have innovated Wi-Fi Technology to address the current day Applications requirements in Mobile and Computing markets. Simultaneous (concurrent) Wi-Fi connectivity in 2.4GHz and 5GHz delinks the 5GHz bandwidth and QoS from the 2.4GHz network congestion and an ideal solution for the current challenges. The Redpine Signals Simultaneous dual band technology innovation is a great differentiator from the “Switchable” dual band MIMO chipsets in the market to address the growing challenges in wireless connectivity.


The Networking Segments are growing rapidly with a key influencer being Smartphone and Tablet connectivity. The Smartphone and tablet wireless connectivity has brought in simplicity and ease of use in home devices networking segment. The enterprise networking segment is also growing with Bring your own devices (BYOD) on rise. The enterprise networks need to be secure, scalable and reliable. Redpine Signals NetCombo ™, M2MCombo ™ and SmartCombo ™ Chips meets the requirements to address these Networking Segments.

The devices in both these segments include

  • • 1.UltraHD/HD TV’s
  • • 2. Set Top Boxes
  • • 3. Game Console
  • • 4. Game remote controllers
  • • 5. Music Remote Controllers
  • • 6. Wireless Speakers.
  • • 7. Home Wireless Routers
  • • 8. Enterprise Grade Wireless Routers

The networking segments needs higher throughput, longer range, seamless roaming connectivity between access points and Enterprise grade security. The home networking also needs higher QoS for set top box, TV and Media requirements. These media needs to be streamed into multiple rooms. This needs multiple clients to be serviced simultaneously in less congested 5 GHz spectrum. All the devices in these segments do not have the requirement of Ultra Low power like the mobile and computing segment with the exception of remote controllers and wireless speakers which need Low Power.

Redpine Signals addresses all this mix of requirements with low power M2MCombo ™, SmartCombo™(roadmap) chipsets and Enterprise grade requirements with NetCombo ™(roadmap) Chipsets. Redpine Signals chipsets provides MU-MIMO (Multi User – Multiple In Multiple Out) 802.11ac(roadmap) technology to meet the simultaneous multiple client services. The dual and triple stream coupled with Simultaneous Dual Band capability helps in efficiently using the channel spectrum based on type of Application.