RS10002 WiSeMCU™ Module Family


Redpine Signals RS10002 WiSeMCU™ device is the industry's first Wireless MCU with a multi-protocol wireless (Wi-Fi+Bluetooth+Zigbee) sub-system. It is a fully integrated module with an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller as an application processor, a built-in wireless subsystem, advanced security, power-management, frequency reference, RF power-amplifiers, diversity RF Front-end and passives. The WiSeMCU™ comes with an SDK to enable plug-and-play hardware and software development for the wireless Internet of things.

The ultra-low-power microcontroller subsystem in RS10002 integrates an ARM Cortex M4F processor with 104 KB of on-chip SRAM and 512KB of on-chip flash available for application development. A slew of peripherals including, multiple USARTs, SPIs, I2Cs and I2S-bus interfaces, comprehensive timers and 12-bit ADC satisfy the interfacing needs of most IoT devices.

The comprehensive wireless networking subsystem in RS10002 integrates 1x1 802.11n, advanced TCP/IP networking stack, Bluetooth4.0 solution with integrated application profiles and ZigBee for Home Automation and Smart Energy applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Application subsystem with Cortex M4+Cortex M0 running at 100MHz up to 512KByte Flash Memory and 104KB SRAM.
  • Wireless subsystem with support for multi-protocol wireless Wi-Fi+ BT EDR 2.1 + BT LE + Zigbee.
  • Support for USART, SPI, I2C, I2S, USB, ADC, Timers, Interrupts, PWM, GPIOs.
  • Embedded WLAN stack, TCP/IP stack, Bluetooth Stack, ZigBee Pro Stack embedded in the device.
  • SDK to enable hardware and software development.
  • Fully certified FCC/CE/IC module
  • Advanced low-power modes with deep power mode <100n

Module Footprint and Dimensions

RS10000 module
14mm X 15mm

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