Multi Protocol Wireless Mini PCI Express (PCIe) Card

The RS9113 USB Half Mini Card is based on Redpine Signals RS9113 ultra-low-power Convergence SoC. It offers dual-band 1x1 802.11n, dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 and ZigBee 802.15.4 in a single device over USB in a Mini PCIe Card form factor. It is an ideal multi-protocol wireless expansion board for IoT Gateways.

The RS9113 USB Half Mini Card is a high performance, long range and ultra-low power device and includes a multi-threaded MAC processor called ThreadArch®, baseband digital signal processor, calibration OTP memory, dual-band RF transceiver, dual-band high-power amplifiers, baluns, diplexers, diversity switch, dual-band antenna, u.FL connector and Quad-SPI flash.

The software architecture for the USB Half Mini Card, n-Link®, realizes a host-based architecture where the necessary MAC and PHY layers are implemented in the device to support high-performance, long range WLAN, Bluetooth and ZigBee applications in a 32-bit host processor over USB interface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal multi-protocol wireless expansion board for IoT Gateways
  • WLAN Compliant with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n with dual band support.
  • WLAN transmit power up to +18dBm and receiver with sensitivity of -97dBm.
  • Wi-Fi Direct, Enterprise Security, Client and Access Point modes of operation.
  • Bluetooth Compliant with dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0
  • Bluetooth transmit power up to 15dBm (class-1) with integrated PA
  • Bluetooth receiver with -94dBm sensitivity.
  • ZigBee Compliant with IEEE 802.15.4
  • ZigBee output powers up to +15dBm with integratedPA and high performance ZigBee receiver with -102dBm sensitivity.
  • Embedded ZigBee Pro stack.
  • Supports advanced security features: WPA/WPA2-Personal and Enterprise(EAP-TLS, EAP-FAST, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP)
  • Seamless integration with 32-bit processors over USB.
  • Fully integrated solution available now for Intel Moon Island and Baytrail platforms (Quark and Atom processor families)
  • Drivers available now for Wind River Linux 5.0.1, Linux Kernels 2.6.30 to 3.16 and Android 4.4.3


mini pci card

Half Mini Card Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
30 x 26.8 x 5.35

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