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WyzBee Solves IoT Development Challenges

WyzBee™ is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform that significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and bring to market new IoT devices by providing integrated sensing, computing, wireless communication, power management, cloud and application support.

The WyzBee IoT platform leverages Redpine Signals’ expertise in the wireless space to solve key challenges faced by device makers in the IoT market.

The following video demonstrates how WyzBee solves Key IoT Challanges!

Key IoT challenges solved


The WyzBee platform comes along with an extensive library of THINGS. The combination of WyzBee's advanced features and exhaustive THINGS facilitates creation of products to cater to the key service sectors of the IoT market. Some of the THINGS currently offered are :
Multi-Sensor (9-axis motion, temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, ambient light)
Speech (voice command recognition and response to commands via speech)

Please click here for more information on WyzBee THINGS.

University Adoption:

The WyzBee platform has been successfully adopted by the University Of California, Davis and integrated into their Embedded Systems Undergraduate Lab Coursework.

Please click here for more information on some of the projects created by UC Davis students.

We have also had WyzBee based IoT workshops and faculty interaction at The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, GNITS Hyderabad, VITS Hyderabad and at a IEEE communications Society Colloquium with 230 attendees from multiple colleges from Hyderabad.


Redpine Signals: Spearheading the Wireless IoT Revolution

Redpine Signals: Spearheading the Wireless IoT Revolution

Wireless Technology Special CIO Review.
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The WyzBee IoT Platform receives 2015 Smart Machines Innovation Award

The WyzBee IoT Platform receives 2015 Smart Machines Innovation Award

Presented by IoT Evolution magazine.
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