Record Wireless Module (MCU) for the Internet of things from Redpine



Expected in 2020, the Internet of things is gradually gaining its features. Manufacturers one by one announces their modules, which differ from all those released earlier by two things:

  • Power consumption in all modes of operation tends to a threshold (when the control device is not able to determine the presence of current at all, and not its absence, as some dreamers write);
  • All prospective IoT modules are based on ARM Cortex, which allows you to write the module into a system of any complexity, if it is also based on ARM Cortex.

These are the features of the new module from Redpine RS14100. It is based on the core ARM Cortex M4F, running at 180 MHz and consuming 12 μA / MHz, which performs external and built-in commands and plays the role of the application processor. Network connections are Wi-Fi 802.11abgn, 802.15.4 (fully compatible with ZigBee, WirelessHART, MiWi, ISA100.11) and Bluetooth 5. In standby mode, when connected to a Wi-Fi network, the module consumes 50 μA, which is 3-4 times less than all that was before. At the same time, the data transfer rate is guaranteed up to 90 Mb / s.

Just right for a wireless smart puffin with a built-in mechanism for foot massage, is not it?