802.11bgn SDIO/SPI(150Mbps)


The RS9116 belongs to Redpine Signals' high performance Maxi-Fi® family's BEAM150™ series. It is a small form-factor single-chip solution for Access Points and Client devices as per the IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n standards (backward compatible with 802.11b/g), supporting data rates as high as 150Mbps. It integrates a Medium Access Layer (MAC), Baseband processor, Radio Frequency (RF) Transceiver, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and Power Amplifier functionality into a single chip. The RS9116 is optimized in terms of RBOM cost reduction. Thus, no special external devices are needed and the number of external components is limited to the lowest possible component count. The RBOM is around 25% lower than any existing solution currently on the market. An innovative integrated calibration circuit supports on-the-fly calibration and helps to reduce the manufacturing calibration time to a minimum. Thus, no expensive RF test equipment and no external trimming are necessary. The RS9116 comes in a small footprint PG-VQFN-108 package with a body size of 12mmx12mm supporting SDIO and SPI interfaces.


  • Single chip 802.11b/g/n transceiver with integrated baseband, MAC, RF, LNA and PA
  • Frequency range 2.4-2.497 GHz
  • Support of 20 and 40 MHz bandwidth (Autosensing)
  • Auto Channel Selection
  • Support of Channel 14
  • STBC in receive direction
  • Short Guard Interval
  • Integrated Tx-Balun and Matching network to reduce RBOM and footprint
  • Header Parsing (IEEE 802.3 to/from IEEE 802.11)
  • Integrated calibration circuit for time and cost efficient production te\sting (no RF test equipment or external trimming)
  • A-MPDU Aggregation (up to 65535 octets)
  • A-MSDU Aggregation (up to 7935 octets)
  • Block Acknowledgement
  • Encryption (WEP-64/128, TKIP, CCMP)
  • Retransmission of non-acknowledged frames
  • On-the-fly trimming with integrated temperature and supply monitoring
  • Integrated PLL with output clocks for Ethernet and router devices (25 and 36 or 40 MHz respectively)
  • PCI 3.0 (33MHz) Interface
  • Single 3.3 V supply
  • Compliant to European Union Code of Conduct (CoC) requirements
  • Very low RBOM
  • Small footprint PG-VQFN-108 package (12mm x 12mm)
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Module Reference Design
  • Software Package
  • Block Diagram


  • Wireless Routers
  • Broadband Access Modems
  • Home Gateways
  • Integrated Access Devices (IADs)
  • High-definition (HD) Video transfers
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Laptops
  • DVD Players
  • Set-top Boxes