RS12200/RS12202/RS12301/RS12302 High Performance SmartMCU

8.8 mm X 8 mm
RS12000 SmartMCU™ is the world's first MCU family which "Unifies" low-power and high-performance into a single "gear-shifting" core. Designed at 40 nm, the RS12000 family of SoCs from Redpine Signals, integrate a high performance Cortex® M4F, large memory, high-end security and comprehensive peripherals, while retaining small size and low power. With a ground-up design targeted at IoT, these MCUs simplify the challenges of device developers by providing all features that the myriad of things would need in a single SoC. The RS12000 SmartMCU™ family's high-performance configurations feature up to four cores and provide double the processing power, memory, and peripherals by including two gear-shifting ARM® Cortex® M4 processors and two ThreadArch™ network security processors.

RS12200, RS12202, RS12301, RS12302 are SmartMCU™ family's "high-performance" configurations. All of these high performance SoCs have double the memory (800 KB) and double the peripherals (2x USB HS OTG, 2x SD-MEM/SDIO 3.0, 2x Ethernet, etc) of the baseline RS12100 and RS12300 SmartMCU.

RS12202 and RS12302 integrate two ARM® Cortex®-M4F cores with frequency 250 MHz each and two DSP Sensor-hub co-processors at 125 MHz each. The Sensor-hub co-processors accelerate DSP processing (CMSIS-DSP) and machine learning (CMSIS-NN) functions within a local sensor data buffer, thereby freeing up the M4.

Additionally, RS12302 is further optimized for High-throughput networking and features 2x ThreadArch™ 4-threaded network security processors at 160 MHz each. The ThreadArch processors run embedded TCP/IP/SSL stacks, offloading the primary M4 processor and providing the IoT designer full access to the M4 processor cycles and RAM. Also, RS12302 is based on a trusted execution environment (TEE) architecture with a separate security processing subsystem, with high-security levels that are ideal for applications, such as, smart locks, medical devices and secure voice-based ordering.

Block diagram

High Performance
  • Dual* ARM® Cortex® M4F at 250 MHz
  • Dual* DSP Accelerator at 125 MHz
  • Dual* ThreadArch® Networking and Security Processor at 160 MHz
Large Memory
  • 800 KB SRAM
  • 4 MB or 8 MB in-package Flash
  • Extensible memory with 16 KB 4-way I-Cache with XIP over Quad SPI, Dual-Quad SPI or Octa-SPI
Best-in-class Security
  • Trusted Execution Environment with separate Security Processing subsystem*
  • 1 MB ROM with Security Algorithms, Secure Boot, Secure Firmware upgrade and secure code*
  • SRAM Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) based Root of Trust*
  • True Random number generator
  • "High Performance" Suite-B Accelerators (AES, SHA, ECC, RSA, TRNG)
  • Secure XIP with inline AES
  • Physical Tamper pins, Secure RTC, etc., (More than 30 security features!)
Low Power
  • 2x Integrated DC-DC switching regulators (high performance and low power)
  • Efficient gear-shifting from 65 uA/MHz at 180 MHz down to 19uA/MHz at 20 MHz
  • Deep-sleep current 600 nA
  • ADC 1 Ksps and 10 Ksps at <20 uA
  • CMSIS-DSP and CMSIS-NN low-power offload
  • "Always ON" VAD
High-end Peripherals
  • Dual 480 Mbps USB 2.0 "HS" OTG with integrated PHY
  • Dual SD-Mem/eMMC/SDIO 3.0 200 Mbps Host I/F
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps RMII
  • I2S interfaces for 8 Audio channels, USART, SPI, I2C, 16-pin programmable serial IO, Dual CAN 2.0B
  • Timers: 10x 32-bit, 2x 16/32-bit, 2x 24-bit, 2x WWDT, 2x RTC, 2x RIT, 2x QEI
  • Multi-mic Voice Activity Detection - Hardware Accelerator
  • Rich set of analog peripherals: Dual 20 channel 10 MHz 12-bit ADC, Dual DAC, 6x OpAmps, 4x analog comparators with Flexible Analog Interconnect.
  • 16 capacitive touch sensor inputs
  • >50 Peripherals multiplexed over 100 GPIOs
Small Package Sizes
  • 8.8 x 8 mm BGA
Operating Conditions
  • Single supply: 2.1 to 3.6V or 1.85 V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial grade)
  • Smart Watches, Fitness Wearables, Wristbands
  • Bluetooth headsets, Hearables
  • Voice Assistant enabled Speakers and other Voice enabled Devices in the home
  • Smart Locks, Door-bell cameras
  • Motion and Entrance sensors
  • Water Leak monitors
  • Smoke/CO Alarms
  • Smart Electric sockets and adapters
  • Anti-theft/Loss Tags
  • Thermostats and associated sensors
  • Toys
  • Smart Appliances
  • Networked LED lights (indoor and outdoor)
  • Environment sensors, Agricultural sensors
  • Connected Field Devices in Manufacturing (Industrial)
Package Code Package Type, Pins Dimension, Pitch (mm)
BRS BGA 8.8 x 8.0 x 0.9, 0.4
Part Ordering Options
Part Number CPU Freq Flash+RAM Packages (ppg)
RS12200-3N0F-ppg 250 MHz 0 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12200-360F-ppg 250 MHz 4 MB + 400 KB BRS
RS12202-3N0F-ppg 250 MHz 0 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12202-360F-ppg 250 MHz 4 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12202-390F-ppg 250 MHz 8 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12301-3NSF-ppg 250 MHz 0 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12301-36SF-ppg 250 MHz 4 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12302-3NSF-ppg 250 MHz 0 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12302-36SF-ppg 250 MHz 4 MB + 800 KB BRS
RS12302-39SF-ppg 250 MHz 8 MB + 800 KB BRS

Note: Replace "ppg" with Package code..

*:Dual M4F processor and CMSIS co-processor are available in RS12202 and RS12302. And Dual ThreadArch is available only in RS12302