802.11 bgn 2.4GHz with integrated antenna


The RS9110-N-11-22-(xx) module from Redpine's Connect-io-n™ family of products is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn based wireless device server that directly provides a wireless interface to any equipment with a serial or SPI interface for data transfer. It integrates a MAC, Baseband processor, RF transceiver with power amplifier, a frequency reference, and an antenna in hardware; and all WLAN protocol and configuration functionality, networking stack in embedded firmware to make a fully self-contained 802.11n WLAN solution for a variety of applications. No WLAN or networking functionality is required on the host MCU. The module is based on Redpine's 802.11n chipset - RS9110


  • Compliant to 802.11b/g and single stream 802.11n
  • Self-contained serial-to-wireless functionality - requires very little host processor bandwidth
  • WPA/WPA2-PSK, WEP, TKIP modes of security
  • Host interface: UART and SPI, selectable through a hardware pin
  • Integrated TCP/IP stack, with option to bypass in SPI mode through software configuration
  • Configuration through AT commands and SPI frames
  • Integrated antenna, frequency reference, and low-frequency clock
  • Ultra low power operation with power save modes
  • Ad-hoc and infrastructure modes for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Single supply 3.1 to 3.6 V operation
  • Certification : Module is based on RS9110-N11-02 which is certified by FCC, IC and CE.
  • Product Variants

  • RS9110-N-11-22-04: Part with integrated antenna
  • RS9110-N-11-22-05: Part with uFL connector for external antenna
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Evaluation Package
  • Block Diagram


  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for any equipment with a serial or SPI interface
  • Industrial M2M communications
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Metering
  • Security Cameras & Surveillance Equipment
  • Warehousing
  • Digital Picture Frames
  • Logistics and Freight Management
  • Several Medical Applications including Patient Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics etc