Redpine Signals RS10000 WiSeMCU device is the industry's first Wireless MCU with a multi-protocol wireless (Wi-Fi+Bluetooth+Zigbee) sub-system. It is a fully integrated module with an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller as an application processor, a built-in wireless subsystem, advanced security, power-management, frequency reference, RF power-amplifiers, diversity RF Front-end and passives. The WiSeMCU comes with an SDK to enable plug-and-play hardware and software development for the wireless Internet of things.

The ultra-low-power microcontroller subsystem in RS10000 integrates an ARM Cortex M4F processor with 104 KB of on-chip SRAM and 512KB of on-chip flash available for application development. A slew of peripherals including, multiple USARTs, SPIs, I2Cs and I2S-bus interfaces, comprehensive timers and 12-bit ADC satisfy the interfacing needs of most IoT devices.

The comprehensive wireless networking subsystem in RS10000 integrates 1x1 802.11n, advanced TCP/IP networking stack, Bluetooth4.0 solution with integrated application profiles and ZigBee for Home Automation and Smart Energy applications.

WiSeMCU SDK is an application development platform for Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. It enables wireless plug and play hardware and software development for the IoT. This platform enables evaluation and development of RS10000 WiSeMCU module family of products. It demonstrates, through example projects, the usage of the application subsystem comprising of the programmable Cortex M4 and wireless subsystem supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. These projects include examples for MCU peripherals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which are explained in detail in SDK User Guide, This platform supports IDEs such as LPCXpresso, IAR and Keil for application development.

Features and Benefits

  • Tri-color LED, Power LED.
  • Three user push buttons, one for reset, one for wake-up/Interrupt, and one for ISP/Interrupt.
  • Debug option is through external CMSIS-DAP debugger board supported over SWD debugger connector.
  • Flexible power supply options: USB port or external supply through a header.
  • 32-pin Expansion header supporting easy access to multiple MCU peripherals (UART/USART, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, SCT, Input Capture, Output Compare, GPIO). This Expansion header has required functional pins to interface to Arduino Compatible boards.

SDK Features

WyzBee Enabled SDK

    SDK Software:
  • Wireless Library.
  • Example projects for Wi-Fi, BT, ZigBee.
  • Demo applications.
  • IDE Tool chain (CoIDE, Keil, IAR)
    SDK Hardware:
  • WiseMCU SDK Mother board.
  • RS1000X Daughter card.
  • USB cables.
  • Datasheet.
  • SDK User Guide.
  • API Manual.
  • Software Technical Reference Manual.
  • Hardware Integration Guide.


  • Tri-color LED, Power LED
  • Three user push buttons
  • DIP switches
  • Debug option through CMSIS-DAP supported SWD debugger
  • In System programing
  • Flexible power supply options
  • Controllable turn-on/turn-off option for wireless subsystem power.
  • Reset generation circuit.
  • 32-pin Expansion header supporting easy access to multiple MCU peripherals(UART/USART, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, SCT, Input Capture, Output Compare, GPIO).
  • Current measurement capability.