WiSeConnect™ Family


WiSeConnect™ modules are fully integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n modules with advanced features for M2M, industrial, medical, enterprise and IOT (Internet of Things) applications. Powered with WiFi-Direct™, it can directly communicate with smartphones and tablet PCs without an Access Point based infrastructure. Integrated with Enterprise Security as well as TCP/IP and WLAN stacks, it can be designed quickly into any Host platform for secure and standards based WiFi connectivity in a variety of environments. Requiring no external BOM, the module integrates a MAC, Baseband Processor, RF Transceiver with power amplifier, a frequency reference and an antenna. The module comes with a comprehensive API set to make software integration quick and seamless. Based on Redpine Signals 802.11n SoC RS9110 and alternatively on Redpine's RS9113 M2MCombo chipset, it is designed to provide wireless connectivity to devices that have a UART or SPI interface.

WiSeConnect™ Modules
Variant Wi-Fi Modules Combo Modules
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + ZigBee
Part Number RS-WC-201 RS-WC-301 RS9113-NBZ-DOW RS9113-NBZ-D1W
Integrated Antenna
U.FL Connector
WLAN Stack
BT4.0 Stack
ZigBee Stack
TCP/IP Stack
TCP Bypass
Option (SP Only)
Embedded AP
Dimensions (mmxmm) 35.0 x 22.0 40.0 X 22.0 14.0 x 15.0 27.0 x 16.0
Built-in Advanced Features WiFi Direct(TM) - Access Point and Client, Enterprise Security, HTTP Server, DHCP Server, Wireless firmware upgrade and configuration
Product Overview
Data Sheet    

Product Variants in Combo Modules

  • RF band of operation
    • Single band (2.4 GHz)/ Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Antenna
    • No embedded antenna
    • One embedded antenna and a u.FL connector for external antenna
  • Wireless configurations
    • Wi-Fi only
    • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi + ZigBee
    • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + ZigBee


  • RS9113-NBZ-S0N refers to integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, single band with no antenna n-Link module
  • RS9113-N00-D1C refers to integrated Wi-Fi, dual band with embedded antenna Connect-io-n module