The WiSeMote™ RTLS SDK provides an entry point for developing full-fledged localization and telemetry-based systems using the WiSeMote™ Wi-fi RTLS. Redpine’s dual-band RTLS tags allow systems to utilize network bandwidth more efficiently than ever before. The SDK contains the following.


  • Four WM1-20 or WM1-50 units (RTLS tags)
  • One WM0 (Configurator)
  • One USB Cable for WM0 control via Windows PC
  • Power supply for WM0

SDK software

  • CCX mode demo (Emergency email)
  • Non-CCX beaconing mode demo (Android app)


  • User guide
  • programmer’s manual
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Configuration
  • Resources
  • Part Description
  • Images


  • Asset tracking in logistics and warehousing
  • Medical applications including patient tracking
  • People tracking for safety and security
  • Monitoring of transport conditions using sensors
  • Tracking of goods, materials and containers in shipping yards
  • Inventory and equipment security