WiSeMote™ WM0 configurator

The WM0 Configurator is a versatile, multi-radio device. It allows wireless configuration of tags brought within 2 meters (6 ½ ft) of its vicinity. It communicates with a controlling PC via USB link, placing tags near it into configuration mode through 125KHz low frequency signaling. Two-way configuration information is exchanged via Wi-Fi packets without the need for connecting to any Wi-Fi infrastructure.

With the appropriate firmware, the WM0 can also be used as a chokepoint detector, triggering tags to send out special chokepoint messages over wi-fi when they are within range. This helps localize the tags within the boundaries defined by strategically placed WM0 chokepoints, providing for an additional layer of reliability and security in the RTLS solution.


  • Multi-mode operation
  • Low frequency activated chokepoint support
  • Wireless Firmware Upgrade capable
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  • Asset tracking in logistics and warehousing
  • Medical applications including patient tracking
  • People tracking for safety and security
  • Monitoring of transport conditions using sensors
  • Tracking of goods, materials and containers in shipping yards
  • Inventory and equipment security