WiSe1-50 802.11abgn (2.4/5GHz) dual-band tagMote™ WM

The WM1-50 is an the industry’s first dual-band RTLS tag for asset tracking, built on Redpine’s rich, patent-backed portfolio of innovative wi-fi products. It is ideally suited for 5GHz-based deployments as well as at sites that only have legacy 2.4GHz 802.11bgn-based wireless infrastructure. Like its WM1-20 2.4GHz counter-part, the WM1-50 supports multiple modes of operation, which the user can choose from based on the infrastructure. Sites that have Cisco-based APs and back-end mobility services (such as WCS and MSE) can use the CCX mode. Beaconing mode can be used in environments where hand-held clients e.g. Android tablets or phones are prevalent. Future versions of tag & configuration software will also support associated mode of operation, enabling any network of 3rd party APs to track assets in real-time without the need for any additional hardware investments.


  • Industry’s first dual-band RTLS tag
  • Multi-mode operation
  • CCX compatible beaconing
  • Proprietary beaconing for custom solutions
  • Associated mode for locationing with standard infrastructure
  • Enterprise security modes
  • Motion detector
  • Low frequency activated chokepoint support
  • Alarm button and LEDs
  • Fully wireless configurability
  • Over-the-air Firmware Upgrade capable
  • Battery life of over 5 years with 5-minute beaconing
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  • Asset tracking in logistics and warehousing
  • Medical applications including patient tracking
  • People tracking for safety and security
  • Monitoring of transport conditions using sensors
  • Tracking of goods, materials and containers in shipping yards
  • Inventory and equipment security