Asset Management Software

Redpine's Asset Management Software provides location-based visualization, reporting and management for all classes of assets and personnel in a variety of environments. It enables the enrolment of tags and assets into the system, inclusion of maps and floor plans, reporting of current and historical data, and a host of other features. It interfaces to Redpine’s WiSeMote locationing solution as well as to Cisco’s CMX or PI based locationing. It generates and processes alerts and notifications arising from various situations and rules, and includes an interface to Redpine’s WM-CPE Chokepoint Exciter typically installed at ingress or egress points. The software allows individual or bulk upload of tags and assets, and allows the creation of groups and classes. The mapping and visualization functions include the provision to define zones and obtain asset reports per zone. Current inventory reports, historical asset movement information, setting of email or other notification, etc. are supported. The software can be customized for each deployment, and can be interfaced to other enterprise software and systems. It provides easy web-based access.

Features and Benefits


Customizable dashboard to view details like assets by zone, assets in unauthorized locations, total number of assets, total number of tags, unassigned tags, low battery tags, latest notifications etc. Dashboards can be customized and can be different for each class of user – providing a highly productive visualization of the most important information for the user.

Master Data Management

Definition of asset categories, sub-categories, and asset attributes; attachment of tags to assets.

Infrastructure Management

Add and manage Infrastructure equipment (Access Points, chokepoint exciters) with bulk upload. Receive notifications related to the health of the infrastructure equipment.

Location Tracking

Locate assets in a facility, zone or area using web-based application or a mobile device with a single button click.

Navigate to the assets on shortest path with Indoor navigation mobile app or web app

Locate the proximity of the assets using Redpine Proximity mobile app


Upload and manage floor maps. Create zones on the floor map and designate some of the zones as restricted areas.

Locate and view the assets on the 2D floor map for a facility, zone or area with details for each asset.

View the assets 3D map using our 3D visualization solution (optional).

Alert Notifications and Rules Management

Define business rules that specify when and how to raise alerts and take actions based on the notification received.

User Management

Define role-based access control - adding user’s, roles and their corresponding privileges.


Query and export reports for unauthorized entry, unauthorized exit, location history, battery life and faulty tags, among a host of others.


Asset management solution can be customized for various verticals like healthcare, mining, industrial, warehousing and airports.

Sample Dashboard

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