There are situations where a simple locationing solution offering a broad indication of the location of an asset is sufficient. The RPX-NAP solution intended for such cases. The solution works with a standard access point infrastructure with no requirement of multiple AP visibility through the premises or a site survey. The simplified locationing software provides an indication of which AP the tag is in proximity to - sufficient, for instance, to indicate that a specified asset is on the "7th floor East Wing" or "the dining area". Tags connect to a configured SSID and communicate signal strengths of the APs they see to the server, as in the case of a full locationing solution with standard APs. The NAP software framework provides the vicinity indication to application software, including Redpine's Asset Management software.


The RPX-NAP solution comprises the following:
  • WM2 asset tag
  • WM3 badge tag
  • WM-CP Chokepoint Exciter
  • RS-NAP: RPX-NAP Framework
  • RS-FL-CP: CP-Framework
  • RS-APP-AM: Asset Management Application