RPX-SAP is Redpine's complete locationing solution that utilizes existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Any third-party Access Points may be used. Locationing is carried out by Redpine's CLaaSI software solution, with tags communicating the signal strengths of the APs they see. A site survey is required for accuracy of locationing. Based on the site survey, the locationing infrastructure may be augmented either with more standard APs or with Redpine SuperMote devices. Redpine's asset management software or third party applications may be used.


The RPX-SAP solution comprises the following:
  • WM2 asset tag
  • WM3 badge tag
  • WM-CP Chokepoint Exciter
  • RS-LA: RS Location Engine
  • RS-FL: RPX- Framework
  • RS-FL-CP: CP-Framework
  • RS-APP-AM: Asset Management Application