Redpine's RPX solution is a fully self contained Wi-Fi based locationing system with no dependence on any existing infrastructure. The infrastructure is based on Redpine's SuperMote and NetworkMote devices with Redpine's CLaaSI - Cloud based Locationing as a Service Infrastructure - software providing the locationing and interface to Redpine's or other asset management applications. Locationing is carried out either through time-of-flight (ToF) determination or through RSSI. ToF provides accuracy even without a site survey. Chokepoint support is integrated, and also two-way communication with the tags. Alerts are raised to specified email ids and other destinations upon events such as button press, motion detection, low battery, or tag tampering. SuperMote devices are infrastructure elements that operate wirelessly and provide tag distance measurement through RSSI or ToF. NetworkMote devices provide the link from the wireless to the wired network.


The RPX solution comprises the following:
  • WM2 asset tag
  • WM3 badge tag
  • WM-SM SuperMote
  • WM-NM NetworkMote
  • WM-CP Chokepoint Exciter
  • RS-LA: RS Location Engine
  • RS-FL: RPX- Framework
  • RS-FL-CP: CP-Framework
  • RS-APP-AM: Asset Management Application