Ecosystem Partners

Redpine has partnered with many independent design houses with unique skills. Check out our list of Ecosystem Partners to learn more.

MCU Platforms


Renesas Synergy Platform

The Synergy Platform is designed to enable companies and embedded system developers to overcome obstacles they face throughout the timeline of their end products and services. Redpine has closely worked with Renesas to develop Synergy Software driver and a PMOD carrier board for Redpine RS9113 WiSeConnect wireless modules. The RS9113 PMOD boards work seamlessly with Renesas SK-S7G2 starter kits and include all necessary drivers, examples and documentation.

RS9113 PMOD Multi Protocol Wireless Card

RTLS and Sensor Tag Partners


Navizon, Inc., Florida, USA

Navizon, a provider of wireless positioning products, has offered indoor and outdoor tracking solutions for businesses since 2005.

Nipun Net Solutions Pvt Ltd

Nipun Net Solutions Pvt Ltd, India

Nipun Net Solutions Pvt Ltd, is one of the leading system integrator providing end to end IT Infrastructure solutions.

Nipun Net Solutions Pvt Ltd

Northern Light Technologies, Canada

Northern Light Technologies (NLT) is a global communication innovator focusing on developing & deploy technologies to make mines safer and more efficient.


S3Edge, San Jose, California

S3Edge is a software product company that provides packaged, auto-ID based asset tracking solutions for automation and error proofing of supply chain operations across various verticals.

Vizbee logo

Vizbee RFID Solutions, France

Vizbee produces comprehensive parameter driven RFID and RTLS packages for rapid and riskless deployment of complex projects in numerous vertical markets.

Design Partners

Arcturus Networks, Inc.

Arcturus Networks, Inc., Canada

Arcturus Networks Inc. is focused on creating enabling technologies for developers including product-ready hardware modules, corresponding open source packages, middleware solutions for device management, voice and media.


d-broad,Inc., Japan

d-broad's offers software development capability and services as well as modules for Wireless LAN(WLAN) and PowerLine communication(PLC) technology.

Wivicom Co.,Ltd.

Wivicom Co.,Ltd., Japan

Wivicom Co.,Ltd. is a system design house on embedded Wireless Technology and new communication technology, fully equipped with research and development measurements and environments.

Tekmodul GmbH

Tekmodul GmbH, Germany

Tekmodul GmbH is a trading and consulting company for applications of wireless data communication. Tekmodul also offers advice on the selection of the components and the software design.