DSRC/WAVE Solution:

The intelligent transportation services consisting of Vehicle to Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure(V2I) technology market space is evolving . Dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) and wireless access vehicular environments (WAVE) are the communication standards on which these transportation services are provided. These communication standards are based on IEEE 802.11p PHY/MAC and DSRC wireless communication and messaging protocols. Redpine Signals provides fully certified 802.11p DSRC/WAVE wireless module along with complete software solution including 1609.x/DSRC stack.

The smart transportation services key goal is to provide connectivity to vehicles with the ability to communicate with other vehicles, provide safety to people inside and outside with V2V and V2I communication. The V2V and V2I communication also help reduce congestion, provide safety warnings and alerts to vehicle users avoiding accidents and improve efficiency in the transportation system. This technology is also used for automation of toll collection services.

The 802.11p demands support for longer ranges, high speed of vehicles, and extreme multipath scenarios. IEEE 802.11p is amendment to 802.11 to support Wireless Access in the Vehicular Environment(WAVE) and also to address the key challenges . The 802.11p communication consists of several entities which are vehicle to infrastructure, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to pedestrian. The infrastructure equipment required to have these entities communicate are Roadside units (RSU) and vehicle on board units (OBU). Redpine signals provide solutions for both OBU and RSU’s, which covers both infrastructure, and in vehicle units.

The other networks involved to make these services smart include roadside sensors, vehicular sensors which are integrated into the systems. The OBU can be integrated into car infotainment systems which currently have the car sensor data as well as other connectivity technologies like Bluetooth for in vehicle communication. Redpine Signals M2MCombo™ (Wi-FI+BT+Zigbee) Single chip solution is an ideal solution addressing the need of such an integrated system with a single chipset or fully certified module. This helps in reducing the BOM cost for the car OBU and infotainment system.

Redpine Signals 11p solutions addresses the challenges of longer range, extreme multipath ,Doppler and harsh road environments with a best in class wireless performance solution. The key differentiating features from Redpine Signals include superior receive sensitivity, very high Transmit output power +26dBm output power, and patented adaptive channel tracking algorithms to mitigate higher doppler speeds, very fast channel switching capability and very high output power. The solution supports 5MHz/10MHz/20MHz channel bandwidths. Supporting both ITS bands 5.9GHz (5.85-5.925GHz) and public safety bands 4.9GHz bands, enable multiple commercial, mobility and safety applications. Redpine solution also offers very innovative wake on wireless mechanism ideal for battery-operated products like tollgate OBU unit. Redpine modules being industrial grade part and fully calibrated solution makes it ready to use solution.

Redpine offers 802.11p solutions in different variants. 802.11p module, with an option for 1609.x/DRSC stack running on external host processor or embedded product variant with software running on proprietary multi-threaded processor inside Redpine chipset. Redpine also offers AutoComboTM(802.11p+Wi-Fi + BT+ZIgbee) solution with all wireless technologies supported in single product.

Target market segments for 802.11p solutions are intelligent transportation services for automotive safety, connectivity to vehicles, public safety, toll collection, and other transport management at public places like airports, Train stations. Target end customers for Redpine 11p solutions are Car manufacturers, Car system integrators for OBU/RSU units.

Redpine 802.11p solution has been in use by many customers with right visionary to provide wireless convergence solution for automotive applications.