Redpine Signals offers multiple hosted and embedded products which integrate 802.15.4 wireless protocol capable to running ZigBee or Thread. ZigBee is a low power, mesh network best suited for home automation, smart lighting and wireless sensor networks. Thread is an IPv6-based, networking protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) "smart" home automation devices to communicate on a local wireless mesh network. Redpine's offering enables the use of ZigBee or Thread in coexistence with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making it ideal for IoT applications especially for home and building automation to allow multiple devices to talk to each other. Wireless Coexistence is the key parameter in these applications, and Redpine addresses this uniquely awarding users the perfect experience with optimal bandwidth sharing between the wireless streams for optimum performance and uninterrupted services.

Redpine's ZigBee solutions support ZigBee PRO with ZigBee Light Link (ZLL), Smart Energy (SE) and Home Automation (HA) profiles. The supported roles include end device, router as well coordinator. For Thread, end node, router and border router roles are supported.