Bluetooth (Classic & Low Energy)

Bluetooth has evolved from audio streaming and file sharing with BT 2.0 to high speed file transfer with BT 3.0. And BT 4.1 addresses extremely low energy consuming connectivity for transferring sensor data for a variety of new applications. Redpine’s Bluetooth offerings address a key requirement in all of these applications – the use of BT along with Wi-Fi.

Gateways with Wi-Fi and BT 4.1 Smart Ready power the Internet of Things by enabling sensors and other devices using BT 4.1 to the IP based Internet via Wi-Fi. Handheld devices use BT links at Wi-Fi speeds to transfer large files, videos, and images. And devices may stream in and display video via Wi-Fi and play out the associated audio to a BT headphone. Redpine technology enables all of these with unprecedented performance and power consumption.

Wireless Coexistence is the key parameter in these applications, and Redpine addresses this uniquely. Redpine’s M2MCombo chipsets and modules use their internal proprietary multi-thread processor to run the Wi-Fi and BT protocol stack with optimal bandwidth sharing between the wireless streams for optimum performance.