Bluetooth (Classic & Low Energy)

Bluetooth has evolved from audio streaming and file sharing with BT 2.0 to high-speed file transfer with BT 2.1 and addresses extremely low energy connectivity requirements for sensor based applications with BT 4.1. Bluetooth 5 encompasses all of the above while bringing double the range, four times the speed, eight times the message length along with improved coexistence.

Redpine launched its first generation BT product in 2013 which supported dual band Wi-Fi, dual mode BT 4.1 and 802.15.4. Redpine' latest generation of products offer Bluetooth 5 along with Wi-Fi and 802.15.4. There are variants with integrated Cortex-M4F as well. BT 5 support in Redpine products includes transfer data rates up to 2 Mbps, long range with class 1 output power and 125kbps datarate, broadcast using advertising extensions and broadcast data with chainable, larger packets. It also supports improved coexistence with neighboring devices. Redpine's multi-protocol devices with integrated BLE 5 are ultra-low power and have ultra-small form factor making them ideal for wearable and several other battery operated devices. They are also ideal for gateways enabling sensors and other devices using BT 5 to communicate with the IP based Internet via Wi-Fi.