The design of Microcontroller (MCU) is now being determined by combination of contrasting features coming together to serve the IoT market: high speed with low power, small size with more peripherals support and high memory with optimal cost. The edge intelligence and multi-level security enhance the value added by the MCUs to overall system design. The performance of an MCU is determined by interrupt latency, size of RAM/Flash and the development environment.

Redpine's SmartMCU™ is industry's first family of MCUs designed specifically to meet the high MIPS, memory and security demands of IoT devices, while at the same time improving battery life compared to traditional ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCUs. Based on a unique optimized multi-core IoT processor architecture, it delivers best-in-class performance, ultra-low-power, and highly-secure operation, making it ideal for IoT edge-intelligent, voice assistant-enabled, and network and cloud connected devices. To achieve this, the SmartMCU family features an ARM Cortex M4F running up to 250 MHz, sensor hub DSP coprocessor at 125 MHz, a four-threaded network security processor based on Redpine's ThreadArch® running up to 160 MHz, and a full suite of analog and digital peripherals. SmartMCU family has a unique gear-shifting architecture implemented at every level including big and small bus matrices, switching regulators, clock-sources, memory, GPIOs and peripherals, thereby providing optimized transitions between high-performance and low-power operating modes on the same M4 processor core. These ultra-low power capabilities enable battery-operated devices such as smart locks, fitness bands, industrial control units, sensors and location tags to have 3-4x the battery life compared with other solutions. Redpine's MCUs are supported by evaluation kits, reference designs, software, training, documentation and online support to move briskly from concept to prototype to production stages.