Real Time Location

Redpine's Real-time Locationing Systems (RTLS) or indoor locationing technology is built on its multi-protocol wireless chipsets and software. The locationing uses several aspects of wireless signals including signal strength and time of flight. All components of the RTLS solution are technologically differentiated. The components include

WiSeMote™ Tags: these include wearables and asset tags, with replaceable and rechargeable battery options. These tags operate in multiple modes and on multiple wireless interfaces - including dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi in Cisco CCX compliant as well as two-way associated modes, Wi-Fi based wake-up and configuration, and BT LE. They are designed with intuitive push-buttons and LED indications, and come in multiple form factors.

SuperMote™ Multifunction Location Reference: these devices perform multiple roles including augmentation of fixed infrastructure devices or as a part of Redpine's RPX locationing system. They also enable Greenfield deployment of RTLS solutions with no requirement of existing wireless infrastructure.

CLaaSI™ - Cloud based Location as a Service Infrastructure: this core locationing solution incorporates time-of-flight, signal strength and proximity technology made available on a cloud server for unprecedented locationing performance and ease of deployment.