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Unleash the power of Connected World markets and take your business to a whole new level with Redpine Signals. Open the doors to our gen-next technological solutions and amplify levels of operational innovation and efficiency of your business. From smart homes to smart cities, medical to automotive, we’re bringing in new age wireless technologies across a wide range of markets.

Explore our comprehensive solutions that develop products which are changing lives in numerous ways.

Home Automation

Redefine Efficiency for Easier Life

With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), automation systems now have deeper insights for the management of connected devices such as surveillance cameras and security systems, lighting, thermostats and more.

At Redpine Signals, we offer outstanding innovative solutions with an integrated range of technologies which are vital for designing connected end-products that raise the performance bar in comfort, sustainability, integration, efficiency and functionality of home & building automation. We enable users to control, monitor and communicate with their automated appliances using a range of energy and cost efficient products in a secure environment.


Consumer Wearable, Fitness

Let's Inspire Good Life

Present day wearable technology backed by Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to deliver valuable services to users to help drive a better lifestyle. The wearable usage is extensive and diverse, ranging from sportsmen tracking performance to individuals tracking heart rate and calorie count to hospitals monitoring patient recovery.

Redpine Signals provides customized solutions that feature security enhancement, convenience, and connectivity capabilities that can be easily integrated into wearable & fitness devices based on appropriate platforms. Our cloud connected wearable & fitness solutions enable quick integration for profile management, data collection, tracking & notifications.


Medical & Healthcare

Better Tomorrow Amidst Improved Medical Care

Redpine Signals understands what it takes to deliver safe, integrated and optimized medical solutions. We enable hospitals to improve the quality of patient care, maximize resource deployment and raise functional efficiency thereby increasing revenue & productivity by helping to create devices for remote monitoring, predictive health management & forecasted asset maintenance.

Our products are designed for sustained, uninterrupted communication ensuring a high level of security in transmission via integrated networking and wireless stacks for effortless integration. Our dual band solutions with multiple power modes make possible for products to sustain robust data transfer while being extremely energy efficient.


Industrial, Retail & Commercial

Co-create the Next-Gen Industries

Internet of Things (IoT) wireless technology is changing the landscape of industries by enabling connected industrial infrastructure. Redpine Signals presents a wide array of solutions to make modern day industry smarter, safer and more productive.

Redpine Signals helps to simplify operation in modern business environments by making machines intelligent, enabling secure M2M communication with integrated networking and wireless stacks, supporting seamless cloud connectivity.


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