Security Camera

The video security and surveillance market has been experiencing unprecedented growth, thanks to the increased global security concerns and advent of the new technology. The preference is to use an IP-enabled camera that captures and encodes the image data, and transports it across the IP network, so that it can be securely monitored and managed remotely without the need to install special wireless or wired infrastructure. The use of wireless connectivity further eases deployment of IP cameras. Redpine's Wi-Fi modules provide a flexible and scalable ultra low power 802.11a/b/g/n solution for both low-end and bandwidth hungry high-end IP cameras. Supporting up to 70Mbps application-level throughputs, Redpine's modules enable multiple high resolution video streams to be transmitted over Wi-Fi. With an advantage of reduced interference in the 5 GHz spectrum, Redpine's dual band modules using a zero-host architecture provide high resolution and real time streaming video without latency even in crowded Wi-Fi environments. For added security in enterprise environments, the modules provide WPA2-Enterprise modes.

IP Camera