Wireless Printer

The need for secure wireless printing has always been a strong consumer requirement, and also in Enterprise environments for flexible deployment of printers. The prevalence of Wi-Fi makes it the method of choice for wireless printers. Printers have specific requirements - including being available on wired and wireless networks simultaneously. And in wireless, the client mode and the Wi-Fi Direct mode would both need to be supported simultaneously.

Infrastructure mode, in enterprise environments, often requires support for enterprise security. This requires storing certificates and pass-phrases in the printer - which can be difficult in a device without a standard keypad. For users requiring to print without connecting their computers to the enterprise network, the Wi-Fi Direct mode is ideal. Redpine's RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 module families provide for all of these requirements, making them ideal for wireless connectivity in printers.

The dual band RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 modules support WiFi-Direct and station modes. They offer advanced security through WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise modes. They also support an Access Point mode that can be used for establishing connectivity with client notebooks, or used for configuration of certificates and connections.

Applications - WiFI_Direct_Mode