Wireless Headphone

A wireless headphone offers a great level of mobility and flexibility in transmitting and receiving voice and audio signals to and from the headphone making it ideal for gaming and audio streaming applications.

A high quality, low latency audio streaming has been a demanding consumer requirement and wireless streaming through Wi-Fi has been a preferred method. Additionally, the audio from a single source can be transmitted to multiple Wi-Fi headsets making Wi-Fi an ideal solution over Bluetooth for multi user gaming applications.

Redpine's Solution

Redpine offers the RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 multiprotocol wireless modules for high quality audio streaming with low latency for Wi-Fi headphones. The wireless headset may either be connected to the available Wi-Fi infrastructure, or may make a Wi-Fi Direct™ connection with the audio source, enabling wireless audio streaming without any Wi-Fi access points available. The dual band modules can use the 5 GHz band avoiding loss of streaming quality seen in crowded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi environments. The RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 modules provide solutions for the source and the wireless headset units. With an integrated communications processor and digital audio interfaces the module subsystem carries out all the functional requirements of the speaker unit receiver - including time synchronized robust wireless connectivity, network stack, and link control. The headset battery life is extended with advanced power save techniques, and mobility is made available where required through fast roaming capability.

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