Wireless Remote Control

Wi-Fi Interactive remote Control devices are rapidly becoming the de facto means of controlling various appliances in homes and small offices. They offer a very easy way to interact with televisions, computers, music systems, security systems and just about any electronic appliance that can be placed in a WLAN network. They can also be connected to the Internet to provide the user with real-time information and services like TV/Radio Program Guides, weather forecasts, sharing audio and video content, etc. The challenge, though, lies in the range over which these devices can be controlled. The fully self-contained RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 enables robust wireless connectivity without any load on the host microcontroller. It also provides robust multipath performance and extended range. This makes it an ideal solution to network and control a large number of electronic appliances over a large area. The state-of-the-art power control mechanisms implemented in the WLAN subsystem and the usage with any low-power microcontroller ensure a long battery life.

Wireless remote Control