Wireless Speaker

A flexible and uncluttered deployment of a high-fidelity audio system has long been a strong consumer requirement. Streaming of audio to various speakers in such a system by wireless means has been an identified solution, but proprietary wireless schemes lack the cost and flexibility benefits of standardized components. There are a wide variety of audio sources to be integrated - including computers, notebooks and PDAs, mobile devices, PMPs, gaming devices, as well as the video players and cabled or wireless video receivers. Wi-Fi based wireless speaker systems are the solution here, but implementations so far have struggled to provide a uniformly satisfactory audio experience. With the growth in the use of Wi-Fi in the home and elsewhere, audio distribution implementations must necessarily integrate into the high capacity networks based on 802.11n, and must also provide the flexibility of operating in multiple bands. Redpine's RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 based speaker solution provides for both the source unit and speaker unit implementations. With an integrated communications processor and digital audio interfaces the RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 subsystem carries out all the functional requirements of the speaker unit receiver - including robust wireless connectivity, synchronization and jitter control of audio, delay and volume control, and direct digital interface to standard audio amplifiers. At the source unit, the RS9113/RS9116/RS14100 provides for formatting and packetization of audio data, time-stamping, and wireless connectivity.

Applications- Wireless Sensor Node