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One of the best illustrations for demand of connectivity driving the "internet of things" is the increasing need for connected gadgets. Redpine Signals takes pride in its efforts that is changing the face of audio and video transmission, making it faster, of better quality and secure, with a wide range of connectivity solutions.

Redpine Signals builds solutions on standard-based communications platform that ensures sustainability, reusability and can be leveraged for accommodating new applications. Our complete end-to-end solution has SoCs, module & software, all under one roof, ensuring quicker implementation & marketability.

  • Multi-protocol wireless with single band (2.4 GHz) and dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11n, Dual Mode BT 4.1/5, 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • Multi-level security with PUF, Cryptography Accelerators, Secure Bootloader and Secure Zone
  • Integrated wireless and networking stacks for ease of integration
  • Integrated Cortex®-M4F for user applications
  • Footprint compatible single and dual band modules for ease of migration
  • Industry-lowest Wi-Fi standby associated current of < 50uA
  • Higher throughputs and reliable connectivity for video applications
  • Certified modules with or without antenna for faster integration

Build a new league of Audio & Video Gadgets

Video Drones

Drones are deployed in multiple sectors and cases, ranging from energy infrastructure for accelerated maintenance, to improving operations at construction sites by allowing remote monitoring; the list is endless and each day seems to bring additional use case for drones. Redpine Signals empowers drones with high power dual band solution to ensure long range connectivity in noisy environments. Considering the need for utmost security & durability, we help to develop these airborne devices with industry grade parts protected by PUF. Learn More.

Audio-Video Badge

Redpine Signals powers security badges that are Wi-Fi & BT enabled with built-in PUF encryption for data safety which can record high-quality video and audio at the touch of a button. Designed for ruggedized use, these gizmo products are capacitated for robust data transfer with cloud connectivity and can be readily deployed for several types of applications which can benefit several users, from police departments to security personnels.

Video Door Bell

Redpine's hosted & embedded solutions for video doorbells are designed to incorporate different features with a strong focus on security, management and convenience. Our solutions demonstrate methods of decreasing power consumption using multiple low power modes, while streaming live HD video with dual band solution. Redpine Signals offers small form factor modules with integrated MCUs for customer applications which offer the most desired feature of video doorbells, safety- which is ensured with advanced security feature of PUF.

Security Camera

Securing homes & buildings aim to bring peace of mind to users who can remotely monitor spaces all the time. Redpine's solutions for security cameras are contributing to the growth and enhancement of many functions of today's increasingly sophisticated security devices with superior features like PUF, BLE support for provisioning, support for Apple Homekit, delivering better performance in multi-path environment. Learn More.

Entertainment & Display

Entertainment systems are seeing radical changes showcasing true nature of IoT integration. Today, projectors, televisions and monitors are not only used to watch broadcast, cable and recorded videos; but are also able to communicate to receive almost any audio or video signal and even transmit, adding to user experience and convenience. Redpine solutions allow building products with which users to quickly and easily share content wirelessly from laptop and mobile devices, control the systems either on-site or remotely, by syncing with a smart phone. Learn More.

Headphones & Speakers

With Wi-Fi based audio transmissions, sounds with incredible quality can nowadays be played on connected headphones & speakers with high fidelity. Music devices no longer need to stay docked to a place and can be synced with multiple zones & users, facilitating complete mobility and control of the player from any smart phone, anywhere. Redpine Signals equips modern day audio devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with ultra low-power, small form factor modules that comes with support for Apple Homekit. Learn more on Wireless Headphones and Wireless Speakers.

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