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With the advent of IoT, automation systems now have deeper insights for the management of connected devices such as surveillance cameras and security systems, lighting, thermostats and more.

At Redpine Signals, we offer outstanding innovative solutions with an integrated range of technologies which are vital for designing connected end-products that raise the performance bar in comfort, sustainability, integration, efficiency and functionality of home & building automation. We enable users to control, monitor and communicate with their automated appliances using a range of energy and cost efficient products in a secure environment.

  • Multi-protocol wireless with single band (2.4 GHz) and dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11n, Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.1/5, 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • Footprint compatible single and dual band modules for ease of migration
  • Multi-level security with PUF, Cryptography Accelerators, Secure Bootloader and Secure Zone
  • Integrated Cortex®-M4F for user applications
  • Support for Wi-Fi and BLE Apple Homekit; Thread, ZigBee PRO
  • Certified modules with or without antenna for faster integration
  • Higher throughputs for video and other higher end applications
  • Industry-lowest Wi-Fi standby associated current of < 90 uA1 for DTIM 3 (2.4 GHz)
  • Integrated wireless and networking stacks for ease of integration

Build Powerful Home and Building Automation Solution

Smart Thermostat

Redpine Signals provides the quickest and easiest ways to develop the next-gen connected Smart Thermostats by means of solutions which consist of hardware, design package and software suite with reference source code. We help to create devices that allow users to remotely control through cloud application over mobile phones. Our solutions for Smart Thermostat enable advanced control and monitoring techniques in the devices to regulate usage patterns, compare levels of the interior and exterior temperature, set temperatures as per user defined parameters, thereby helping to save energy bills & enhance automation experience. Learn More.

Video Door Bell

Redpine's hosted & embedded solutions for video doorbell are designed to incorporate different IoT features with a strong focus on security, monitoring and convenience. Our solutions demonstrate methods of decreasing power consumption using multiple low power modes, while streaming live HD video with dual band solution. Redpine Signals offers small form factor modules with integrated MCU for customer applications which offer the most desired feature of video doorbells, safety- which is ensured with advanced security feature of PUF.

Security Camera

Securing homes & buildings aim to bring peace of mind to users who can remotely monitor spaces all the time. Redpine's solutions for security cameras are contributing to the growth and enhancement of many functions of today's increasingly sophisticated security devices with superior features like PUF, BLE support for provisioning, support for Apple Homekit, delivering better performance in multi-path environment. Thanks to industry graded parts our products are able to seamlessly function in extreme conditions. Learn More.

Air conditioners

Repine Signals' offering for appliance applications includes wireless communications modules and SoCs that lead the way for a new age of intelligent air conditioner control. Intelligent personalized control and scheduling features enhance comfort that can be programmed to operate the AC efficiently according to user's everyday life needs transforming a regular AC to a smart air conditioner.

Lawn Mower

Cutting grass is made easy with smart lawn mowers which can make pre-planned excursion for operation. We provide multi-way wireless solution that offers long-range communication with extremely low power requirements. The modules' small form factor, rich features, and ultra-low power make them perfect for portable wireless applications in such devices.

Smoke Detectors

Interconnected smoke detectors are indispensable devices for the present day home and building automation, which increase safety, convenience and peace of mind. Redpine offers a family of low power smoke detector solutions with dual band needed to operate in noisy environments which can be monitored using smart phone application. Integrated networking and wireless stacks enable seamless connectivity all over the premises and provide an immediate alert of smoke using dedicated mobile application.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are optimized techniques for utilizing power outlets to control lighting and appliances, allowing remote access from across the world via a smart phone or cloud application, which can be pre-scheduled to operate and effortless to monitor. Redpine provides small factor modules with integrated solution with support for SSL/TLS, MQTT for connecting to the cloud which helps to track real-time energy usage statistics of a connected device thereby helping consumers to save power and money.

IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway solutions from Redpine Signals have the right combination of hardware, software & management infrastructure that allows the user to reliably and remotely control all the connected devices, as it receives and processes information seamlessly. We offer cloud-ready IoT gateway solutions that are easy to integrate and configure thus closing the communication gap between the field sensors and cloud. With a rugged design, they can be set up together with PLCs, sensors, and I/O devices in harsh environments to communicate and control devices in the premises in real time.

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