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Better Tomorrow Amidst Improved Medical Care

Redpine Signals understands what it takes to deliver safe, integrated and optimized medical solutions. We enable hospitals to improve the quality of patient care, maximize resource deployment and raise functional efficiency thereby increasing revenue & productivity by helping to create devices for remote monitoring, predictive health management & forecasted asset maintenance.

Our products are designed for sustained, uninterrupted communication ensuring a high level of security in transmission via integrated networking and wireless stacks for effortless integration. Our dual band solutions with multiple power modes make possible for products to sustain robust data transfer while being extremely energy efficient.

  • Multi-protocol wireless with single band (2.4 GHz) and dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11n, Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.1/5, 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • Higher reliability and long-term availability of parts
  • Certified modules with or without antenna for faster integration
  • Integrated Cortex®-M4F for user applications
  • Industry-lowest Wi-Fi standby associated current of < 90 uA1 for DTIM 3 (2.4 GHz)
  • Long term partner with leading edge wireless solutions
  • Multi-level security with PUF, FIPS 140-2, Cryptography Accelerators, Secure Bootloader and Secure Zone
  • Integrated wireless and networking stacks for ease of integration

Build a new league of Medical Solutions

Infusion Pump

Present day advanced Infusion Pumps aim to simplify workflows without compromising on safety and treatment. We enable designing of innovative smart pumps which are made to meet the stringent levels of clinical safety and workflow goals thereby helping medical professionals reduce medication errors and raise the bar of medication management system.

Patient Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring System focuses on providing timely and quick medical attention on spotting undue changes in the vital statistics, letting medical professionals take care of every patient from one central location. We help to create such connected devices, which let medical professionals monitor real-time patient updates from anywhere & at any time that too via FIPS secure communication networks. We not only focus on patient monitoring, but also ensure maintaining equipments' health, with solutions for predictive asset maintenance.

Blood Chemistry Analyzer

For modern day Blood Chemistry Analyzer, it is not just enough to be a standard photometer; it has to be a new age connected device capable of performing multiple & ever precise investigations from a single sample. At Redpine Signals, we understand the value of time & precision of medical test, thus help to create portable wireless devices which support cloud connectivity for electronic medical records (EMR), capable of storing multiple patient accounts and equipped for performing a broad set of diagnostics for routine, general, and chronic conditions; results of which can be retrieved within minutes on direct print or via EMR.

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