Wi-Dimensions | October 2017
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bulltets-3.png Redpine offers high performance, long range multi-protocol wireless module ideal for drone design
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Redpine offers high performance, long range multi-protocol wireless module ideal for drone design

DroneWireless connectivity plays a constitutional role in drone based applications for provisioning, communicating with and utilizing a drone. Drones not only require robust wireless connectivity but also involve low power operation to ensure battery durability.

Redpine Signals' high performance module is a perfect fit for the burgeoning drone market. The RS9113 based HPM module offers high power and high throughputs, capable of transmitting high quality video footage without affecting its quality over long distances. The module leverages the RS9113’s multi-protocol wireless for seamlessly switching between BLE and Wi-Fi and optimizing for application requirements. It also offers ultra low power options honed to advance battery life. Advanced hardware based PUF security and encryption methodologies make the HPM modules coveted for secure transmission and reception especially for defence, medical and other high security drone applications. The HPM also extends support for antenna diversity for a strong and reliable connection.

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Test drivers with KRACK WPA2 security fix

KRACK WPA2 Vulnerability has recently gained global visibility. KRACK (key reinstallation attack) could impact all devices using WPA2 protocol to secure their Wi-Fi network. The problem is not with the encryption, but, the “handshake process” and the way a device connects with the access point. The issue arises from the “wpa_supplicant” which is used for the Wi-Fi connection. We at Redpine Signals are ready with test release versions for the RS9113 line of products. The test releases have been provided with KRACK WPA2 fix on top of the existing production releases.

For n-Link product line, we have provided fixes for Linux and Android. Microsoft has released patches for Windows – so, any customer who has applied the patches will be fine. Users of Linux open source supplicant can directly download the fix from the link: https://w1.fi/security/2017-1/ . Test releases for RS9110 product lines will be available by Nov 6, 2017.

Contact us for downloading the test release.


How Secure is the Future of Communication?

How Secure is the Future of Communication?Redpine published an article “How Secure is the Future of Communication?” outlining the security aspects of the connected world from device level, wireless level and cloud level. The article summarizesthe present day methods of maintaining private and secure communication, while pointing out some major loopholes and possible areas improving robustness to ensure security in connected devices of the future.

"Although the foundations for secure communication have been laid down, the prevailing vulnerabilities are a major cause for concern. With a forecast of over tens of billions of connected devices, security is a complex but imperative responsibility that all device makers must take on."

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Meet us at Embedded Systems Conference (ESC)

Redpine Signals will be at the Embedded Systems Conference 2017. If you are attending the conference, meet us at booth #1634 from December 5th -7th, 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA. Let us try to make the most of the conference over a personal discussion with a Redpine wireless expert.

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