Wi-Dimensions | September 2017
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bulltets-3-1.png Redpine's unveils its Wireless Cloud Camera Reference Kit which enables fast development of several video applications.
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bulltets-3.png Redpine Signals, Inc. wins EM Best of Industry Award 2017
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bulltets-3.png Redpine was at ENOVA 2017!
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bulltets-3.png Redpine Signals joins hands with ISMOsys
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Redpine's unveils its Wireless Cloud Camera Reference Kit which enables fast development of several video applications.

Redpine Signals unveils its "Wireless Cloud Camera Reference Kit" which enables fast development of security cameras, video baby monitors, car cameras, video door phones and several other video applications. The reference kit comes in a prototype plastic case with rechargeable battery.

Redpine in the News

It integrates Redpine's dual-band RS9113-NBZ-D0N module, Ambarella S2L63 camera processor, On Semiconductor AR023Z Image Sensor, AKM AK4642 Audio Codec, Passive IR sensor, battery charging circuitry, ethernet connector, 256MB DDR3 RAM, 2 GB NAND Flash and a micro SD card for storing video recording. It also has integrated speaker and microphone for a two-way communication.

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Redpine Signals, Inc. wins EM Best of Industry Award 2017

Redpine in the Awards

Redpine Signals bags the EM Best of Industry Award 2017 for "Best Fabless Semiconductor Company". This award was presented by Electronics Maker in a ceremony organised on 14th September, 2017.


Redpine was at ENOVA 2017!

enova 2017

Redpine Signals was at the ENOVA Paris from September 19th till September 21st 2017. We showcased several applications using its multi-protocol wireless solution consisting of Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy, 802.15.4/ZigBee® and 802.11p (V2X). For the first time we demonstrated our Wireless Cloud Camera Reference Kit.


Redpine Signals joins hands with ISMOsys

Redpine Signals announces its collaboration with ISMOsys, Inc. to represent Redpine Signals in the following countries: United Kingdom & Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany and Austria. ISMOsys, Inc. brings a wealth of experience to the territory which will provide expanded sales and support coverage to the identified target markets.

For more information about ISMOsys, please visit: www.ismosys.com.

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