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RTLS Tags with Wi-Fi, BLE, Infrared, and low-frequency passive RFID:

Redpine's WiSeMote™ RTLS tag family is now enhanced with additional features including Bluetooth Low Energy, Infrared, and low frequency passive RFID.

RTLS Tags with Wi-Fi, BLE, and other ConnectivityUsing Wi-Fi based locationing, the tags, attached to assets or personnel, are located in real-time within the premises at accuracy levels supported by Wi-Fi; and now in addition are localized through BLE based proximity sensing, or IR based room-level sensing. With BLE, an operator would be able to pinpoint a package from a bunch of packages on a shelf using an App on his phone; or the system would get an update of which operator has picked up which package. IR does not penetrate through walls, partitions, or even curtains, enabling the localization of a hospital patient to the exact bed, or an instrument to the exact work bay. With low frequency RFID, the tags double as access control ID cards, or give updates to the system as an asset is moved past a low-frequency Chokepoint Exciter.

The evolution of Redpine's RTLS portfolio continues to address the increasing criticality of location in a number of industries including mining, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others.

All of the functionality described above, achieved through different sensors, is encapsulated and made available via our Enterprise Class 'Tracking' software which can be installed as 'in premises' architecture as well as 'Cloud based' architecture. The location data captured by the Tracker software is used for a variety of purposes in the use cases deployed in different vertical industries.


Redpine Signals features in research report on "M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Advances and Insights 2020":

Redpine in the News

The research report by Marker Research Reports.biz features Redpine Signals as an ecosystem player & provides an in-depth assessment of M2M and wearable technology, including key market drivers, challenges, investment potential, consumer & vertical market opportunities, use cases, future roadmap, value chain, deployment case studies, ecosystem player profiles and strategic recommendations.

Click here to read more.


Support System:

Support SystemRedpine has launched a new Support System in order to improve user experience and improve flexibility in support personnel interaction. Users may now create their own Support System account and choose to include other persons in their interactions with the Redpine support team. Once a support issue is created in the new Support System web portal, users can use email and/or web portal to interact with the Redpine support team. Users must create a new account to be able to submit a new support ticket. From July 21st, we made the legacy support system read-only and are processing all support tickets exclusively in the new Support System.

The new Support System is available through: www.redpinesignals.com/Support/Technical_Support/.


Document portal:

Document Portal Redpine is happy to announce the rollout of an upgraded version of extranet which has higher level of security, higher speed as well as an automated email mechanism to notify the users of any document/software updates.

You can click here to go to the new extranet. The old IDs and password will work on the new extranet. The old URL will also automatically get redirected to the new URL.

Please contact Redpine if you run any into any issues with the new extranet.

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