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The results of a new Novus Labs report show that Redpine's RS9116 and RS14100 wireless solutions deliver high interoperability and low power consumption across 100 popular wireless routers. The tests were performed by Novus Labs to check for robustness and power consumption under varying levels of network congestion. All routers passed the tests with zero disconnects at wireless, TCP and application level under multiple channel congestion scenarios.

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The results of a new Tolly Group test report show that Redpine's RS9116 and RS14100 multi-protocol Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth solutions deliver dramatically lower power consumption than competing solutions from Cypress, Qualcomm, and TI, and enable up to 3 years of battery life for smart lock applications and other IoT devices. In every test scenario, the power consumption of Redpine solutions was significantly lower than the competition, delivering up to 25x lower power in Wi-Fi standby associated tests, up to 22x lower power in Wi-Fi TCP + TLS tests, and up to 15x lower power in multi-protocol Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Low Energy tests.

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Redpine's wireless Smart Lock Reference Kit enables quick development and deployment of Wi-Fi + BT® / BLE 5.0 based low cost, ultra-low power IoT Smart Home devices such as smart locks and access control applications. The design is based on RS14100 SoC or module, that provides the following features:

  • Break-through ultra-low power, always-on Wi-Fi cloud connectivity for longest battery life (up to 3 years).
  • End-to-end security through TLS / SSL connection to Amazon IoT Cloud Server.
  • Secure BLE connection enabling configuration and control of the lock via Smart Phone.

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Redpine Forum is now available for customers, partners and developers to learn, share and co-develop solutions based on Redpine's multi-protocol wireless products. The community-based forum aims to create a positive and useful environment to engage and interact with users, while also serving their needs. The forum is supported by Redpine’s enthusiastic wireless and micro-controller experts. Interactions on the forum are organized by product types and technologies along with a search tool, that provides easy and intuitive access to the user.

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The documents, hardware and software resources are now available directly on the Redpine website for majority of the Redpine's wireless SoCs and modules.

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