Dual mode Bluetooth 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 compatible wireless MCU, Redpine announced



Redpine Signals Inc. announced "RS13100", a wireless communication MCU compatible with dual mode Bluetooth 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 ( news release ). Fitness band, industrial control unit, location tag, battery-powered equipment such as smart lock etc.

      Functional block diagram of new product. A diagram of Redpine Signals

The new product RS13100 includes a CPU core "Arm Cortex-M4F" operating at 180 MHz, a maximum of 4 Mbytes of flash memory, a 400 Kbyte SRAM, a modem supporting both Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode and IEEE 802.15.4 Mount. Bluetooth 5 can support both Long Range (125 kbit / s) and High Data Rate (2 Mbit / s). In addition, IEEE 802.15.4 provides a network stack compatible with Zigbee PRO and Thread. Interfaces such as 12-bit AD converter, 10-bit DA converter, I 2 C / SPI / I 2 S / CAN / UART / USART / USB OTG / Ethernet are integrated as peripheral circuits . It has security mechanisms such as PUF (Physically Unclonable Function), encryption accelerator, secure boot loader, secure zone and so on. Furthermore, it has a returning function from the sleep mode with voice input called VAD (Voice Activation Detection) and a touch key function corresponding to up to 8 keys.

According to Redpine, the feature of the new product is low power consumption, and the processing performance can be 2 to 3 times while prolonging the battery life of the equipment by 3 to 4 times. The power consumption of MCU subsystem including Cortex-M4F etc. is 19 μA / MHz when operating in low power mode and 500 nA or less at deep sleep. The current consumed by the wireless communication subsystem is 7.7 mA at the time of 1 Mbit / s transmission in Bluetooth 5 mode and 10.2 mA at reception. It is suppressed to 15 μA in Connected Mode.

The package is 79 balls WLCSP (3.51 mm × 3.6 mm), 84 pin QFN (7 mm × 7 mm), 196 ball BGA (6 mm × 6.3 mm). Besides this, you can also choose a 4.63 mm x 7.9 mm LGA module. The RS13100 is currently shipping samples, and mass production is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018. Evaluation kit "RS13100-EVK1" is available. Prices are unpublished.

Besides three kinds of IC packages, LGA module can be selected. Image of Redpine Signals.