Products Overview

Redpine Signals is a leading provider of advanced wireless connectivity and ultra-low power MCU products for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market. Redpine offers a broad portfolio of Wi-Fi, multi-protocol wireless, and MCU SoCs, modules and platforms.

Wireless Products

Hosted Connectivity (n-Link)

Wireless SoCs and Modules for host processors running Linux
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  • Min Host: 32 bit with Linux
  • Application on Host
  • TCP/IP Stack on Host
  • Wi-Fi Stack on Host
  • Bluetooth Stack/Profiles on Host
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Stack/Profiles on Host
  • Full Featured Stacks

Embedded Connectivity (WiSeConnect)

Wireless SoCs and Modules with integrated networking and wireless stacks/profiles
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  • Min Host: 8 bit without OS
  • Application on Host
  • TCP/IP Stack on Chip
  • Wi-Fi Stack on Chip
  • Bluetooth Stack/Profiles on Chip
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Stack/Profiles on Chip
  • Full Featured Stacks

Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU)

Wireless SoCs and Modules with integrated Cortex-M4 processor
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  • Host: M4F built in 32bit MCU
  • Application on Chip
  • TCP/IP Stack on Chip
  • Wi-Fi Stack on Chip
  • Bluetooth Stack/Profiles on Chip
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Stack/Profiles on Chip
  • Full Featured Stacks

Industry's Lowest Power SoCs & Modules

Redpine's latest generation 9116 and 14100 have achieved power consumption rates that are 25x lower than competing solutions. The products have achieved the industry's lowest Wi-Fi standby associated current of 40uA (1s listen), 90uA (300ms listen).

  • Tolly Group report compares Redpine numbers with three major competitors

Redpine's Wireless MCU SoCs were tested to evaluate interoperability and power consumption by connecting securely across 100 popular wireless routers. Robust secure connectivity and interoperability were observed with zero Wi-Fi disconnects, zero TCP disconnects, and 100% reception of application messages. The SoCs displayed ultra low-power consumption with clean channel average of only 113uA across all 100 routers.

  • Independent Interoperability report with 100 routers by Novus Labs

Redpine has also produced the industry's smallest modules - 4.63mm x 7.90 mm with Wi-Fi, Dual Mode Bluetooth 5, and MCU. Our WiFi + Bluetooth modules have exhibited the highest output power of 18dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy 5 with lowest power Bluetooth music streaming.

  • Redpine MCUs have high-performance and low power MCU operation modes with power as low as 19 uA/MHz.
  • Redpine Microcontrollers have 180 MHz Cortex-M4F with DSP co-processors and a rich set of analog and digital peripherals.

Our embedded connectivity modules have industry's leading throughput of ~90 Mbps for an embedded 11n solution (40 MHz BW, TCP bypass) - ~40 Mbps internal TCP + TLS over LAN (<10ms RTT) with 20 MHz; ~10Mbps internal TCP+TLS over WAN link (>50ms RTT) with 20 MHz

End-to-end security

Security features

Secure storage
  • File encryption
  • File authentication
  • Detecting SW tamper
  • Access control
Software Protection
  • Secured programming
  • Secure file system
  • Secure boot
  • Clone protection
Secure OTA
  • Secure content delivery
  • Bundle protection
  • Reset to factory default
Secure Hardware
  • Secure sockets
  • Hardware device identity
  • Public key trust
  • Verify domain names

FIPS 140-2 are specific security requirements for wireless modules, and are provided by the US National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST). This NIST standard is recognized by US, Canada, and European Union.

Our 9113 Wi-Fi modules were the industry's first FIPS 140-2 certified wireless modules. These modules are based on Redpine Signals' 9113 ultra-low power Convergence SoC, and offer dual-band 1x1 802.11n. Our latest products - 9116 Wi-Fi modules are also FIPS 140-2 compliant.

These are high performance, long range and ultra-low power modules and include a multi-threaded MAC processor called ThreadArch®, digital and analog peripheral interfaces, baseband digital signal processor, calibration OTP memory, dual-band RF transceiver, dual-band high-power amplifiers, diplexers, diversity switch and Quad-SPI flash. These modules are available in small footprint form factor, and with low BoM requirement.

The modules are available in a small footprint form factor with low BoM requirement.

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Redpine's WiSeStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) and Software Development Kit (SDK) which provides users with the flexibility to quickly create an IoT solution using Redpine's world-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity technologies. It provides the flexibility to use MCUs from both Redpine and third-parties by integrating various Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy devices and modules. It comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug applications for embedded, hosted and microcontroller products.

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