RS9113 EVB (Single-band 802.11b/g/n or dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 + ZigBee)

Redpine Signals' RS9113 family EVB provides a comprehensive wireless connectivity solution including Single-band 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi or Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), 802.11j, Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 and ZigBee. Read more


The RS9113 n-Link®, Connect-io-n®, WiSeConnect® module families are based on Redpine Signals' RS9113 ultra-low-power, single spatial stream, dual-band 802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0 + ZigBee Convergence SoC. The RS9113 modules integrate a multi-threaded MAC processor with integrated analog peripherals and support for digital peripherals, baseband digital signal processor, analog front-end, crystal oscillator, calibration OTP memory, dual-band RF transceiver, dual-band high-power amplifiers, baluns, diplexers, diversity switch, Quad-SPI Flash and even an on-board antenna in some cases thus providing a fully-integrated, plug-and-play solution for embedded wireless applications.

These modules come with a rich set of interfaces allowing maximum flexibility of integration into any Host Processor or Micro-controller system. The RS9113 Evaluation Kit(EVK) is a single platform that enables evaluation of both hosted (n-Link®), (Connect-io-n®) and embedded (WiSeConnect®) RS9113 modules. It can be interfaced to multiple Host Processors or Micro-controllers over interfaces like SDIO, USB, USB-CDC, SPI and UART. The EVK includes a sample driver, supplicant and example applications to test the following:

  • Wireless Functionality for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and ZigBee
  • Security modes
  • Throughputs
  • Power Consumption
  • Firmware Upgrade

Evaluation Board

The Evaluation Board is designed to configure the module to use the interface on which power supply is detected. This is indicated through the LEDs mounted on the board.

There is a 2-pin inline jumper available for measuring the current being sourced by the module during different stages of operation. This is labeled as "MEASURE" on the PCB. The user may connect a power meter or an ammeter to this jumper to measure the current.

The USB drive is bootable. It is loaded with Fedora Core 18 OS with the OneBox-Mobile driver binaries included for evaluation of n-Link® modules on a standard PC/Laptop platform.

The USB drive also has the release package for the Connect-io-n® / WiSeConnect® modules which includes the firmware, documentation and reference projects for multiple platforms.

Redpine provides drivers for multiple OS's and MCU platforms for the n-Link® modules and also OS-less MCU platforms for WiSeConnect® modules. The software provided in this kit is to enable easy and quick evaluation on a PC. Please contact Redpine Signals' Sales ( for availability of drivers for an OS and MCU of your choice.

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit Contents

The RS9113 Module Evaluation Kit comes with the following components:

  • RS9113 Module Evaluation Board
  • USB Pen Drive
  • Micro A/B-type USB cable
  • SDIO Adaptor Cable
  • SPI Adaptor Cable


  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11j, 802.11d/e/i, 802.11w, 802.1X, 802.11k,
    802.11v, 802.11r, 802.11h
    Bluetooth v2.1 EDR, v4.0
    802.15.4-2009 (2.4GHz)
  • 802.11n: from 6.5 Mbps to 150 Mbps (MCS 0-7)
    802.11a/g: from 6 Mbps to 54 Mbps
    802.11b: from 1 Mbps to 11 Mbps
    Bluetooth: 1, 2, 3Mbps
    802.15.4-2009: 250Kbps
  • OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
    802.11b with CCK and DSSS
    Bluetooth: GFSK, DQPSK, 8DPSK
    802.15.4-2009: DSSS
  • 1-SS, 40MHz bandwidth, Greenfield Preamble, Short-GI, 1 spatial stream
    STBC, RIFS, A-MSDU, A-MPDU, Aggregation with Block-ack, A-MSDU
    inside A-MPDU and Virtual AP support
  • Scatternet, Adaptive Frequency Hopping, Interlaced scanning,
    15 active slaves in proprietary mode, hold, sniff and park modes
  • CCM* security, orphan scanning, coordinator realignment
  • Wi-Fi client, Access point, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Master, slave, scatternet
  • ZigBee Coordinator, Router, End device
  • WMM and WMM Power Save Support
  • USB 2.0, SPI, UART
  • Wi-Fi: 17.5 dBm for 802.11b DSSS
    17.5 dBm for 802.11g/n OFDM
    12 dBm for 802.11a/g/n OFDM
  • I2C, I2S, SPI, QSPI, USART, GPIO, JTAG, Analog(ADC/DAC) and
    Ultra-low-power peripherals.
  • 3.0-3.6V, 1.8-3.6V
  • Industrial Grade -40°C to +85°C
  • Wi-Fi Alliance Compliance (802.11bgn, WPA, WPA2 Personal and
    Enterprise, WMM, WMM-PS, WPS, Wi-Fi Direct, Voice-Personalβ,
    Protected management frames),
    Cisco CCX v5,
    Bluetooth-SIG Qualification,
    Worldwide Regulatory Compliance:
    FCC (IDs are XF6-RS9113SB, XF6-RS9113DB)
    IC (IDs are 8407A-RS9113SB, 8407A-RS9113DB)
  • Wi-Fi: 18 dBm for 802.11b DSSS
    18 dBm for 802.11g/n OFDM
    12 dBm for 802.11a/n OFDM
    Bluetooth: 15 dBm
    ZigBee : 15 dBm
  • Wi-Fi: 1Mbps -97 dBm (< 8% PER)
    54 Mbps -76.5 dBm (< 10% PER)
    MCS7(20MHz) -73 dBm (< 10% PER)
    MCS7(40MHz) -69.5 dBm (< 10% PER)
    Bluetooth: 1 Mbps -94 dBm
    2 Mbps -92 dBm
    3 Mbps -84 dBm
    BTLE(1Mbps) -91 dBm
    ZigBee: 250 Kbps -102 dBm (< 8% PER)
: These features are not supported by current software releases. Contact Redpine Signals sales ( for details.
: These certifications are in progress at this time. Contact Redpine Signals Sales ( for more details and for certifications not listed here.
ß: Applicable to n-Link® modules only

Product Brief

Title Type Size Date
RS9113-EVB-Product-Brief PDF 1265.13 KB Nov 2019


Title Type Version Size Date
RS9113 Module Family Datasheet PDF v3.9 3608.2 KB Nov 2017

EVK Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
RS9113 EVK Schematics PDF v8.0 127.09 KB Jan 2016
RS9113 EVK Top Assembly Rev 4.0 174.57 KB Jun 2017
RS9113 EVK User Guide PDF v2.7 6315.04 KB Dec 2017
RS9113 n-Link Getting Started PDF v1.2 667.66 KB Jun 2017
RS9113 WiSeConnect Getting Started Guide PDF v1.1 213.74 KB Jun 2017

Hardware Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
3D Models Dimensions
RS9113-XXX-X0X ZIP v1.1 3.86 KB Jul 2017
RS9113-XXX-X1X ZIP v1.1 3.75 KB Jul 2017
Allegro Footprints
RS9113-XXX-X0X ZIP v1.1 3.86 KB Jun 2017
RS9113-XXX-X1X ZIP v1.1 3.75 KB Jun 2017
RS9113-XXX-X0X ZIP v1.1 3.86 KB Jun 2017
RS9113-XXX-X1X ZIP v1.1 3.75 KB Jun 2017
Certifications and Declarations
FCC ZIP 16551.87 KB Jan 2015
IC ZIP 11122.21 KB Feb 2015
CE ETSI ZIP 43137.74 KB Aug 2017

Software Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
RS9113-BT-BLE-PER-Usage-Guide PDF v1.7.9 354.2 KB May 2020
RS9113-WiSeConnect-API-Guide PDF v1.7.9 1897.78 KB May 2020
RS9113-WiseConnect-BLE-Software-PRM-API-Guide PDF v1.7.9 1823.34 KB May 2020
RS9113-WiseConnect-BT-Classic-Software-PRM-API-Guide PDF v1.7.9 2134.84 KB May 2020
RS9113-WiseConnect-Software-PRM PDF v1.7.9 5406.96 KB May 2020
RS9113-WiseConnect-ZigBee-Software-PRM-API-Guide PDF v1.7.8 2170.4 KB Nov 2019
RS9113-ZigBee-Application-UserGuide PDF v1.7.9 1324.64 KB May 2020
WiSeConnect_TCPIP_Feature_Selection xlsx v1.7.9 256.8 KB May 2020

Tools & Softwares

Tools & Softwares

Title Type Size Date
RS9113.NBZ.NL.GENR.LNX ZIP 14.25 MB Feb 2020

RS9113 EVKs

Part Number Product Image Wireless Variant User Guides Frequency Band Buy Now
RS9113-NBZ-S1X-EVB Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 + ZB RS9113 EVB Product Brief Single Band Contact us
RS9113-NBZ-D1X-EVB Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 + ZB RS9113 EVB Product Brief Dual Band Contact us