RS9116X-SB-EVK1 Single-band 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth 5


RS9116 n-Link SoCs and Modules Evaluation Board Redpine Signals' RS9116 family of SoCs and modules provides a comprehensive multi-protocol wireless connectivity solution including 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), 802.11j, dual-mode Bluetooth® 5.

The RS9116 Evaluation Kit (EVK) enables evaluation of hosted (n-Link) RS9116 SoCs and modules. Hosted software architectures and host interfaces (SDIO, USB, SPI, UART) for easy integration with different processor families and operating systems.

The EVK includes a sample driver, supplicant and example applications to test the following:

  • Wireless Functionality for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5
  • Security modes
  • Throughputs
  • Power Consumption
  • Firmware Upgrade

Evaluation Kit Contents

The RS9116 SoCs and Modules Evaluation Kit comes with the following components:

  • SDIO Adapter Cable
  • SPI Cable
  • 2 Micro A/B-type USB Cable
  • RS9116 IO Base Board
  • Wireless Daughter Card
  • Wireless Simple APIs (SAPI) based examples
  • Open source linux drivers
  • Demo examples for faster evaluation

Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board Pinout Labels

Product Brief

Title Type Size Date
RS9116 Connectivity Evaluation kit Product Brief PDF 1.73 MB Nov 2019

EVK Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
RS9116 nLink EVK Software Quick Start Guide PDF v2.0 2.35 MB May 2020

Hardware Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
BaseBoard PDF v1.3 234.40 KB Nov 2019
QMS(Q7) EVK Daughter Board Schematics PDF v1.2 121.11 KB Nov 2019
Base Board Assembly PDF v1.3 449.31 KB Dec 2019
QMS(Q7) EVK Daughter Board Assembly PDF v1.2 124.64 KB Dec 2019

Software Resources

Title Type Version Size Date
Redpine SAPI Porting Guide PDF v1.5 233.53 KB May 2020
RS9116 n-Link Linux Technical Reference Manual PDF v2.3 1.85 MB May 2020
RS9116 Wireless SAPI Examples PDF v1.19 36.00 MB May 2020
RS9116 Wireless SAPI Manual PDF v1.16 2.45 MB May 2020
RS9116 TCP IP Feature Selection xlsx v1.2.0 262.00 KB Sep 2019
RS9113 to RS9116 Migration Guide PDF v1.2 1.23 MB Dec 2019

Tools & Softwares

Title Type Size Date
RS9116.NB0.NL.GENR.LNX. ZIP 62.84 MB Jun 2020
RS911X.NB0.NL.GNU.LNX.2.0.RC4 (Open Source Driver (no SLA required)) ZIP 4.79 MB May 2020